2F Akaushi Beef: The Valley’s Best Hidden Secret

2F Akaushi Beef: The Valley’s Best Hidden Secret


Tender, melt-in-your-mouth beef. Rich, decadent flavors. Perfect marbling. While this jaw-dropping meat is available from the famed Wagyu cows of Japan, you can also get it born and raised right here in Texas.

Meet 2F Akaushi beef, a high-grade beef obtained from cows raised on the 2F Rancho Santa Fe in Santa Elena, Texas. The ONLY beef that graces the PRIME kitchen, this incredible meat is one of the highest-quality, and most flavorfully stunning, beefs out there.

Akaushi Wagyu beef

2F Akaushi Beef: A Wagyu Breed

With prices that can approach $200 a pound, Wagyu beef is some of the most expensive, and prized, meats in the world. Obtained from one of the four primary breeds of Wagyu cattle in Japan, this beef is renowned for its beautiful marbling and intensely tender taste experience.

Felo and Stephanie Martineze from the 2F Rancho Santa Fe have brought these Wagyu qualities right to the heart of Texas with their 2F Akaushi herds. Proudly bearing the Wagyu genetics of their Japanese ancestors, these prized cattle are carefully protected and cultivated to keep their bloodlines pure and their beef incredible.

As a Wagyu breed, 2F Akaushi beef has all of the characteristics of the highest-end cuts of tender beef that you may have craved, or even had the opportunity to taste in high-end steakhouses. The result? A locally-produced, tender Wagyu beef that makes for the juicy steak meals you associate with an unforgettable steakhouse experience.

2F Akaushi Beef: Characteristics

2F Akaushi beef, as a Wagyu beef, is known for its extreme tenderness and almost sweet flavor that is distinctive to this type of beef.

The secret to the tenderness of Akaushi beef, and all Wagyu beef, is the distinctive and extensive marbling of the meat. Rather than occurring on the outside of the beef, this marbling occurs inside the cow’s muscle.

In order to maximize this marbling, the cows are fed a steady diet of hormone-free, antibiotic free food, including corn. This healthy diet turns the marbling white while improving the overall quality of the meat.

The result is a beautiful cut of meat that is rich in white fat and primed to become an indulgent, decadent, and flavorful steakhouse meal.

Akaushi beef

Wagyu beef

2F Akaushi Beef: A Healthy Beef

Incredible flavor and texture are integral to the 2F Akaushi experience, but this meat is also some of the healthiest beef on the market.

What makes 2F Akaushi beef a healthier and higher-quality choice for your steak meal? The hormone-free and antibiotic-free diet makes this meat free of any potential contaminants or undesirable products.

In addition, this beef has the highest concentration of monounsaturated fat than any other type of beef. As a result, this beef is easier on the heart and better for the body than other types of beef, all while tasting absolutely delicious.

Here at PRIME Steak & Seafood, we exclusively use 2F Akaushi beef in every carefully-prepared steak dish we put out. By investing in a high-quality Texas product, we deliver a steakhouse experience that is delicious, local, and unforgettable. Reserve a table today and experience the flavor, tenderness, and memorable experience that is a PRIME meal.