Food Pairings: When Meat Meets Coffee

Food Pairings: When Meat Meets Coffee


Whether it’s PB & J or it’s wine and cheese, food just seems to taste better in pairs. As any foodie knows, combining different foods that share the same flavor components can result in new and unexpected combinations. The next time you go to a restaurant and want to make the most of the experience, consider pairing your meal with another complimentary taste.

Food pairing has been around for as long as we’ve known. We even practice it on our own, without paying much attention to what we are doing – like adding biscuits to meals or honey to tea. However, it does not stop with the food you are eating, but also includes the beverage you have with your meal.

Where does food pairing come from?

We are all acquainted with which wine to have with what meal, but have you ever considered pairing your coffee with your meal? Yes! Pairing coffee with your meal could provide the ultimate culinary experience.

Coffee has always been paired with chocolates or a delectable piece of cake. But what about pairing food with a savory taste like meat? Pairing meat with coffee will not only enhance the flavors, but also influences your energy – hence the origin of coffee. It also determines how soon you feel hungry again.

Group of coffee cups with liquid and coffee grains

Croissant alongside cup of coffee

How coffee brings out the flavor in your food

Have you ever thought twice about that last cup of coffee you have after a good meal? Now, we learn that coffee can be paired with food to enhance the flavor of the food. Depending on the roast, coffee can take on a different personality when paired with different foods.

  • Blonde roast: One that is roasted very lightly – goes well with anything buttery and sweet, like croissants and avocado.
  • Medium roast: Because it has more body, it typically pairs better with a salad, cheese, or something savory.
  • Dark roast: This type of strong coffee, like an espresso, pairs well with beef and a brioche bun made with an enriched dough and a little sweeter, rich taste.

The food you choose to have with your coffee will bring out the characteristic of the coffee, how it was roasted, and how it augments the taste of the food. The coffee then ties together the taste of the food prepared.

Getting to know your coffee

The factors that impact the quality and flavor of coffee include everything from the variety of the plant, the weather, soil, rainfall, and sunshine, and even the altitude at which the coffee grows. Then the harvesting, processing, and roasting of the berries contribute significantly to the final aroma, quality, and taste.

The roasting of coffee beans plays a role in the flavor retained in the coffee. Light roast coffees retain more natural, unique qualities of the beans. This results in fruity, floral, or even acidic undertones. The medium roasts are obviously darker than the light roasts and tend to have more caramel, honey-like, or vanilla flavors. Dark roast coffee beans lose most of their original characteristics, but hold a rich sweet flavor and strong aroma. They are the most bitter and often have nutty, spiced, or chocolate undertones.

A group of five different coffee roasts

Salad besides cup of coffee

Create your own pairing

If you’re craving a cup of coffee, you might be wondering where to start to get the best possible gastronomic experience. This is quite simple. Start with your own palate. If a combination of food and coffee tastes good to you, that is all that matters! With such a variety of coffee flavors, it will take a lifetime of sampling different coffee roasts and blends with the best food, but you can probably find the perfect coffee for nearly any dish. The coffee flavor wheel could help you find the right coffee for each dish.

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